Reverse Psychology Remix Contest!

Posted on: November 21st, 2012 by Jason 1 Comment

We have been getting lots of requests for remix kits for our songs. So we figured, lets not only give you guys the remix kits, but lets see how well you use them. So here is the deal…

Click here for the stems. We are giving you the whole thing in wavs so it might take a while.

Use them to create the most kick ass remix you can. It can be any genre or style you like. Then, upload the song to…

Send me your sounds

Please tag your song “Whiteqube Reverse Psychology Remix Contest”. Also, please title your track “Whiteqube – Reverse Psychology (*insert your name here* Remix)”. If you do not have a Soundcloud account… make one dammit!

You MUST submit your remix by 11:59pm (PST), December 20th, 2012. We are giving you an entire month to make this as awesome as you can. Do NOT email your songs, or link them on Facebook, or tweet them, or anything like that. We will not listen to them. We are only accepting submissions via Soundcloud. Also, make them at least 128kbps. And use the Reverse Psychology artwork above. It looks way prettier that way. We like pretty.

The winner will get their remix released as a b-side to one of the new Whiteqube singles. PLUS a Whiteqube t-shirt. We are the ones selecting the winner. So its is by our discretion. There is only one winner of this contest, but we will post our top 3 favs on our site and Facebook. The winner will be announced on December 27th, 2012.

If you have any questions, email us at whiteqube (at)

We look forward to hearing what you guys can do! Let’s see if you guys can create something that will “mess up your braaaaaaaaain”.


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  1. geof-D says:

    hello i am dj aka padawan (Geof-D) I just want to know if you have received my remix the tracks for reverse psychologi contest. because it is the first time I sent someone a thank you by soundcloud for your reply

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